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It's as innovative as the muscle part of M&M! We have training sessions tailor-made for different age groups and for those who pursue it as a hobby to those who want to make a career out of it. From vocal to instrumental, simple playback to Carnatic to Hindustani, Western Classical to jazz... music is an ocean and M&M is there to help you swim it across and have your ll! From basics to the kids to in-depth packages for the adult we oer a range of sessions. Honing your talent to the hilt we aim to transform a bathroom singer to a stage -performer and a mere whistler to a composer.


Mere learning is one thing and learning from experts is another. Like from experts at M & M.Music is an ocean and so are the opportunities it throws. On completion of training at M & M, you can either join an orchestra or earn handsome income as a solo practitioner.

Today from radio jingles for FM channels to TV commercials, TV serials, reality shows, event marketing, extravagant ceremonies all need talented musicians and you could be the one of the most-sought-after in this exciting and glamorous world. And there's film music and albums that rake in moolah and push you to a celebrity status as well. Thanks to M&M you could be living your passion and nothing else.


Music training is not like typing or cycling anyone can learn. First and foremost, you must have some inborn talent.At M & M we make sure you have a flair for music by conducting a simple screening.The training we impart is not very rigid in that we foster your creativity to blossom. We see to it that it comes from within and grows naturally. Soul of music is harmony.Hence the training you getat M & M lends order to your life. What’s more,it’s the most effective anti-depressant available in the world with no-side effects. Music enhances mental power, acts against hypertension and makes life more meaningful.

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