M & M's biggest asset is the music teachers who are not only certified musicians but also have a passion for teaching.Breathing, sleeping and sweating music, they strain their nerves to turn geeks into geniuses.Individual attention being their plus point, they strike a right chord with each member.They are the gurus who inculcate virtues of discipline, dedication and perseverance in their disciples of music.

Bhavesh Bafna RB

Bhavesh Bafna RB


Drummer Of Royal Challengers Bangalore , Official Celebrity Cricket League Drummer



Dance Coach

Movie Choreographer, creative director and dance Coach. Founder & Director of HipHop India Dance Co.

Jeeva Rekha

Jeeva Rekha

Creative Head

First female hiphop choreographer in India and a partner with Mr. Sritheren


the music


A club where one can fulfil both the
yearnings is, according to us, the perfect way
to weave both into the life style of the elite.
When we shared this idea with our friends it
was music to their ears. They wowed in
chorus. The crescendo that followed led to
the Muscle & Music Club. Rest is history or
rather a ballad!

We are music people. We are wedded to music with a religious fervour. Piano was our indoor game and orchestra outdoor.That's how we grew up. Since we find music in everything, no wonder, the rhythm we observed in physical exercises andworkouts prompted us to think of a fusion. W e wanted to propagate it as a unique philosophy. In our opinion one is an exercise for your body and the other, that is music, is an exercise for your soul.

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Email us @ info@muscleandmusic.club

Muscle & Music Club
No. 37, “SURYALAYA” Shankar Mutt Main Road,
Shankarapuram,Bangalore – 560004